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Land in Texas

Address: 148 Wright Drive Bandera 78003

Approximate value $: 27000

1.17ac total, one lot is in an HOA. Don't worry, fees are only $57 per year and hardly restrictive at all. Gives access to pool and showers/poolhouse/bathrooms, private Medina River access, Private Medina Lake park and boat launch access, large party pavilion right on the lake. This lot has power and water and phone ON SITE. It would need septic. No special systems required, land is 100% usable. A shed on the property can convey or I can remove it. Along with this lot is a "shy acre" totally not restricted. Was part of the old Walker homestead, it is a unique road within the HOA that is NOT HOA. Full time year round "camping" or RV residency allowed on both sites, even in the HOA. The shy acre is on a dead end private road (313 Oak Lawn Drive, Bandera, TX 78003). It is a very quiet street and I only have one active neighbor, a fellow retired military veteran. I love the Texas Hill Country and Bandera, TX, Cowboy Capitol is a great place start a day trip through the hill country on a motorcycle or car, enjoy weekend festivities in Bandera and other Hill Country towns. The upper lot has paved road access slopes slightly from the road and flattens out to a nice building or RV or tiny home site. Not much topsoil and it sits mostly on Limestone rock. It has a partial view to the North / Northwest Hill Country. Texas sky sunsets are beautiful. There is little to no light pollution out here and the view of the stars is incredible. There is a slight bank, about a 8 foot drop to the lower property which is slightly sloped and then flattens out at Oak Lawn Drive. I have spent countless weekends and hours doing chainsaw therapy, removing the invasive, older growth "mountain cedar" (actually a juniper) which choke out and kill the oak trees. As a result, the property is really opening up, grasses are growing on the ground and the oaks are thriving. Since they have been struggling to reach light for years, the oaks take on great shapes. I will leave a small patch of cedar along a back corner to block view to a neighbor's small a frame house, usually vacant but I think the young son and his wife and baby are buying it from their old man. For the most part, this whole community out here ranges from limited income retirees, military veterans, to weekend river and lake warriors. Most lots out here were set up in the mid 1980s as small parcels to buy and enjoy access to the river and lake. The HOA really never took off and there is a ton of vacant land out here, either owned by the HOA or the county or families just sit on it hoping some day it takes off. I use it to get away from San Antonio traffic and people. It is that time of the year where RVs are pouring into the Hill Country from up North - Washington, Alaska, Mid central States, NE. Texas is fairly well known for a relatively inexpensive place to snowbird with tons of things and places to explore. We only have two seasons here: 1. Summer. 2. Not-quite-summer. During this time of the year, 70s, 80s, and even a few days of 90's might happen. Temperature swing can be 30-40 degrees though, kind of like the desert but not quite as bad. The hill country stays a little cooler during the summer and winter that the city does. Bring your boat, your quads, your horses, or just come on down and park. Power needs final connections to the box made (I put in all new underground wiring to a RV drop big enough to handle a 50 amp service, currently set up for 30 but that is easy to change.) Call the power company, they inspect, and they put the new meter on. Other than making final connections, everything else the power company pays for, even if they have to update the older transformer out at the street. Power is dropped to the lower end of 148 Wright Drive to where 313 Oak Lawn Drive adjoins so it would be easy to drop power down below for a quiet, secluded RV spot. I kept my old RV down below to stay in as a cabin. Both properties I own free and clear of any debt or lein or any other interests. I recently replaced the quit claim deed we did with the prior owner with a warranty deed. I will go through a realtor or title company. I will also meet to get a notary signed on the deeds, walk over to the courthouse with you to record it, take it down to "Bandera CAD" to file it and it is then legally yours. To do a legal warranty deed online is about $25 each. To file it at the courthouse is $30. To file it with CAD is free. These properties can be joined together on one deed which would make it able to get a permitted well (currently has a water company supply on site - about $45 per month). It would also qualify for "Texas Vet" financing if it is over 1 acre. FYI, you need 10.001 acres in Texas to hunt so most of us feed the deer and they are fairly used to that. If you establish a rapport with a specific deer, it is pretty easy to get them to eat out of your hand. Deer are smaller in Texas so I don't bother hunting them. Not like mulies in Washington State or deer in other northern States. If you want to hunt, there are plenty of opportunities out here for Axis, Deer, Boar, Turkey, Quail, etc. If you don't hunt, leave them be and watch the Roadrunners (yes they are real birds!) run down the road or hunt bugs in the grass on the property. I love my place and I could talk on and on. $27000 might sound a little steep to some outsiders but right now with expansion from San Antonio heading RAPIDLY West and Northwest, the days of getting an acre or two out in this area for 8-12K are almost over. For 10K, you might get a little scrappy postage size lot or an acre with a tiny spot at the street and the rest of the lot or acre drops off a cliff or utilities are not available. Besides water, sewer, phone, cable, there is also a satellite high speed wireless company in the area, big tower not too far away, decent cell phone coverage (except Tmobile it appears...) You can also get ATT high speed and digital cable out in the neighborhood. Talking to some of the septic companies out here, a 2-3 bedroom septic would run about $8000, especially if it is dug down below where the soils are DEEP. I dug a fence post hole 4 feet down at the edge of the dirt road and didn't hit a rock bigger than golf ball. That way, if situated below, it could be hit from 148 wright drive and maybe a shop or extra RV pad below on oak lawn. Numerous possibilities, enjoy offseason and have a local rent off-season (or split) or turn into a multi RV site for friends or rent. There is a 6 lot RV place down the street from me on oak lawn but it never really took off. Even without septic, I could rent it out in a couple days of work and asking around but I don't want other people on my property. Taxes on the upper lot are about $250.00. Same thing for below but since I am a disabled vet and I filed for homestead on the shy acre, I don't pay any taxes on that. I am originally from the north and I spent half of my blistering hot Army career sweating my balls off in Georgia, Iraq, Texas. It's time to go back North. So I am willing to look in a few different places but mainly targeting States that will not tax my retirement income. If you are interested, please google search "BANDERA CAD". That takes you to the tax website. Put in both 148 wright drive and 313 oak lawn drive and you will very my ownership (Peter Rogers - it's all public information), interactive plot map, tax and price history, leins, improvements, etc. BTW, you should do this for any lot you look at in any state. I am willing to meet! I am willing to put someone up from out of town. I MIGHT consider financing $10k with the rest upon transfer/closing. I really don't want to sell the lots separately. There is no other opportunity like this at the NW side of the lake. This will be the dead end of expansion as the main road ends at a rancher's gate a mile or so down the way and the rest of the areas are surrounded by multiple thousand acre ranches and original Texas homesteads. It is about 7 miles directly south of Bandera, TX. Go to the bar or restaurants and see horses tied up outside right next to Harleys. It's still a place you can strike up a conversation with a stranger on the street or in the store and not be looked like you want to rob them or they look down or away and pretend you don't exist. Or, go out and be left alone. A lot of people out there want that and that is fine too.

I am mainly looking at Maine, Alaska, Washington State, but perhaps Tennessee, there might be a few other States I consider but those are the maine ones. Right now, Maine is taking the lead in our search. I prefer at least 5 acres, I'd love to have some running (live) water, even if it is a small creek - has to be year-round or perhaps a spring. I'd like to have something with some open land and some trees but all open ground is ok as long as it is tillable. An old maine home, even if not inhabitable, or an old camp, I am open to just about anything as long it has power at the road. I might end up using as a primary residence or some place to go when we buy another residence up there.

In exchange for Property in Alaska, Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nevada, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Approximate value $ : 27000

5+acres, stream, creek, or spring. Might consider smaller property with an older house/camp. Does not need to be inhabitable. Power at least at the street a plus, or might consider smaller property with improvements such as power, well, septic. I will consider any offer as long as you have 4 seasons!

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