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House in Livingston Kentucky for House in California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky (2 more states)
Trades and cash necessary. INCOME POTENTIAL......... Under value ........$450,000 , My LOSS / Your GAIN /// Consider Home/Property/Vehicle/Motorcycle trades up to 200K A spacious home and beautiful hide-a-way is waiting for you with this property ...478,00001/03/11
House in Berea Kentucky for House in Kentucky
3 br, 2 bath home, 1 car garage, looking to trade a home with more bedrooms. Same in Value as we would not to expect to trade someone our house for a higher value home or get a lower value home for ours. We are only looking to have more room for ou ...10800007/16/10
House in Berea Kentucky for House in Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Georgia (5 more states)
See the listing here.... 1361661.html . 8 acres, Zoned Industrial, Mini Farm, 2 story farm house w/ barn350,00009/20/08
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